Mermaid Leather Notebook


Our luscious recycled notebook is a stunning diary for all of your journalling purposes. 

Our beautifully detailed Mermaid Leather Notebook is for the dreamers, the mermaid lovers and the enchanted heart. Write your dreams!  your goals! your story.. in our Mysticbysea notebook.

This really is a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

Our Australian notebook is imbued with magic and intention to celebrate the gift of being alive.

Have your own piece of Magic with Mermaid Leather Journal be inspired. We designed this beautiful leather notebook for you, a whimsical mermaid in her element, our personalised leather notebook.. We hope that it inspires you, and all of your secrets and dreams you write in it comes true.


Embossed Leather, Size: 8 x 6 inches


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