Bali In A Bottle


Bali in a Bottle Perfume is now as a pure essential oil, This tropical perfume lasts even longer with the smallest amount. It will have you smelling like Bali all day long. Yes, it takes you to paradise with an exotic fusion of fresh tropical flowers. It's Seductive, Vibrant, and Unforgettable. An essential oil made in the bathes of Bali Indonesia.  Capture the essence of Bali 

Bali in a Bottle is an intoxicating, ‘perfume oil fragrance’ produced in Ubud Bali. 

Curated from an exotic fusion of essential oils blended with Chempaka, & infused beautifully with fresh tropical Balinese flowers. 

Bali in a Bottle’s alluring scent is floral, with the perfect combination of both a vibrant & soft aroma. 

This non-alcohol-based perfume is smooth and delicate for your skin and lasts longer than a perfumes. Perfumes such as Bali in a Bottle, have a more natural scent tends to ‘unfold like a flower’. 



One of my most favourite perfumes of all time. The scents of Bali in a Bottle. If you haven't try it! it is a must. Such a mood changer. 





Large 50ml

Medium: 30ml

Small: 15ml

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