A warm hello to my readers, let me introduce myself my names Monica -Owner and creative designer of Mysticbysea . Its been quite a journey since starting Mysticbysea and there have been highs and lows let me tell you. Mysticbysea is Beach Brand, I am personally designing some of my products and others I have sourced along the way. There are some really cool things coming for summer and I can’t wait to show you. I would love to talk about so many things, I so much energy to express -Many of us are so driven in some ways and there is something inside us, that stirs our hearts – that keeps us up at night, a passion so strong and clear you can almost touch it. So many times you feel like a failure, but there is a belief that your audience will love it, as much as you do. I am not just a lady with a passion for homewares and a Brand, I am compassionate and I want your dreams, to come true too.!!!This is the beginning of Mysticbysea’s Journey I have so many magical pieces coming for the Beach lover and dreamer. Follow your Heart mysticbysea.com Xx