In this life I choose to grow,

I will not live in the shadows,

I will try and live in the light.

In this life I will try and grow and evolve into the person I am destined to be.

I will not be quiet, I will not be loud. But I will be me.

In this life I will love with all my heart.

I will chase rainbows, oceans and streams, rivers and dreams

I will go on adventures and learn something new.

In this life I will be kind to myself, kind to others and try and be the most epic amazing Mother, Father.

I will try and stand tall when I feel weak,

I will speak my mind when need be

I will live in the moment,

I will make wishes on the stars

I will sing to the universe and talk to the moon

In this life I choose to be the gypsy to evolve, to love to grow.

I will let life’s magic in my heart and try and keep it there,

I will fine beauty in the little things

I will evolve in this life, and be the free spirit

I was born to be, come on this journey with me Mysticbysea……


Image Airlie Beach Queensland, ”Family”travelling Australia 2016- Mysticbysea

Writer Monica Mysticbysea …