The Written Word, is such a sacred thing, it goes back in time Centuries ago. It is a way of expressing thoughts and ideas, feelings and energy to the universe. Writing can be delivered through song, though poetry, books, then they can become movies and so on. There is such a Power in the written word, and when your being kind to yourself, there so much healing, that comes with it. When I write it really can be such an enlightening experience! When I’ve written a song I’m buzzing for Days!!! with so much energy, Life become clearer. The sun Looks Brighter, the sky looks bluer, you get me.

But lets face it not everyone is going to write a song. So what I’m suggesting is that, it can be anything that you write about. How amazing is it, writing a goal list and then ticking, goals off that list. Your Kicking Goals in Life!!!!  Yes -It sounds silly I know, but it really works, and makes for more positive energy. Your word is powerful, you can control your most inner thoughts and feelings through your written word. You can really figure your feelings and emotions out and deliver yourself to a happier place in life by simply writing!!

It can be mysterious and magical, or you can be detailed, and completly honest.

The word is a tool for life.

It’s yours

It’s free

It’s your friend

It’s a beautiful gift for you to use in this life.

Use your word,

Be Amazing !!

Monica, Mysticbysea

Featured Image- Our Gypsy Journal, by Mysticbysea