Who is the Free Spirit? Is it the untamed heart. Is it the traveler that wanders and travels the world, free to roam, Free to surround themselves with new experiences and different cultures. Can it be someone who doesn’t care what people think of them, an individual. Someone that is spiritual, self aware. We are all here on earth to be free. Animals show us they’re wild and unpredictable free spirit, and children also playfully, show us in so many beautiful ways there Magical Spirit.

Sometimes as we travelled through life, we loose our free will, busy with school, work or life’s commitments. We rush around in this state and sometimes loose ourselves our spirit. We are one with Universe, we are like the crashing waves, sometimes fierce, and sometimes gentle and calm and majestic.

We are light and we can also be darkness.

Stand in the light when ever you can. Step in the sunshine and unleash your

– Free Spirited heart.

Its not always an easy road, but there is so much beauty in being you.!!!

Others will see, Your Free spirit, when you find it,  or if you already have it?

It is worth fighting for!!!……

You will be Radiant, Glorious. Be you!!! A Child of the Universe, Dance, Dream, talk to the moon and Stars and be the Free spirit you were born to be…….

Happy Days

Mysticbysea – Monica.