She stood in the sunlight, she could feel the warmth on her skin, she tried to live in the moment, she tried hard not to look back to the past, but she wondered what the future would bring her, and sometimes the unknown scared her and the past made her sad.

She could still feel the sunlight on her skin, the warmth that it give her and she knew that, what she was doing in that very moment was what she loved, So it all made sense to her, bring some happiness to your heart everyday. That’s how you live for today, because when you love yourself, you share that love with your family and then onto your friends the people work with and hopefully that love flows to them and so on.

We are more then what we realise. We are energy.


Sometimes we walk through life in a daze, so consumed with day to day agenda’s that we forget what were living for. What we are fighting for, who we are?  Who do we hope to be? In lots of different cultures and religions, they are taught, not to look at yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow and live for today. It’s easy to say that, but yet another year go by and you still haven’t achived some of the things you’d secretly wished for. What is it that you wish for? Have you given up? Or is it vivid and clear, Is your goal one thing or many? Or are you just happy with the way the path is leading you?

Sometimes when we reach these idea’s these goal’s, but we can still feel empty, and unsatisfied. That feeling of a achievement can be short lasting and sometimes we don’t give ourselves enough credit for even the smallest of achievements. It can be the smallest goals like, I want to do swimming laps 3 times a week is also a really great thing to do, once you tick it of your list! Or perhaps today, I just want to shine all day.

Time travels to fast. Choose your goals or not, don’t be to harsh on yourself. Be gentle with yourself, the storms will pass and the sun will rise again. Our paths will change and cross and there will be mountains and beautiful streams.

But at the end of the day, it is the love in our hearts that our own path should never let go of, it makes us better people to ourselves and to the world.

So reach for the stars and you will shine!! <33


Image Darwin Australia – Swamp land 2016 Aussie travelling.

Amazing Sunset- that sky!!!!