When you can’t get to sleep at night and you have way to much restless energy, energy for life.!! You have so many creative ideas you think your heads going to explode. You can smell the sweat scent of spring in the air and it excites you, there’s a jump in your step like there hasn’t been in a while. All of a sudden you believe in yourself and you are manifesting so many wonderful things in your life, from the way you leap out of bed to walking with a mission and a purpose.
You have dared to dream and it seems so real, you can almost touch it. How can we hold on to this feeling this dream?

Do you realise how much power you hold?
How much light you have around you and this feeling?

In fact others see it in you too, because you are shining so brightly and have such a zest and hunger for life, your unstoppable.

If this is you, hold on to it and never let it go………

If this is how you hope to be and crave desperately for this change, fight for it!! You have to be kind to yourself and do the things that make you smile everyday!!! Go find it, what ever that may be.
So here we are on this journey to something beautiful, something amazing!!
#Reach for the stars and you will shine!
#Shine bright, Dream Huge!!
Peace out -Monica X Mysticbysea <3 <3