My Creature- Is an idea, it is Mythical concept about yourself.? Which leads the question who are you? Are you fierce and determined, are you shy or quite. Are you bright and out going? When I think about myself, I see colour, determination, power, sometimes outgoing and sometimes timid.  But if I could describe my animal, my mythical creature, I would be the Mermaid, of course hence my Business Myticbysea, and my image being a mermaid tale. When I visualise and meditate, I am the best version of myself, I am strong,  my mind is a weapon and body is strong and powerful. I am radiant, glowing, my skin is flawless, my hair vibrant, I am kind, I have inner wisdom.  Love surrounds me, I have one purpose, to be happy, to make others happy, to be colourful and enjoy the beauties of life. Diving through the aqua water, sharing my light. My all mighty tale shimming in the water from the suns reflection, I am peaceful relaxed, there is amazing island ahead of me, think the Maldives!!!!, Whitehaven beach- he he, I walk out of the water into human form. I feel the sunlight on my skin, Do you get me???  The reason I’m sharing this is, I think it’s really important to know who you are? Not just the person you portray in day to day life,  but your inner spirit, your creature. When I meditate and see my Mermaid, so vividly I connect with my inner creature, I carry this passion, this creative strong powerful, mermaid into my everyday life.

Your creature, can be your driving force in this life!

Your creature can help you shine.

It is my metaphor I try and live by,

What is your Creature?

Monica -Mysticbysea

Image: Whitehaven Beach Queensland Australia.