To Manifest, what does that mean? how on earth is it done? Im not a complete expert, but here’s what I know. Sometimes you can Manifest the most amazing things in your life, but you have to have clear intention. Intention and positivity and of course not doubt. Something, that you thought was completely impossible you have created and it’s now at your finger tips. In my experience It really has to be something you repeat everyday and work towards everyday. Its clear to me that I have Manifested two clear ideas in the last couple of years. One of them was my family trip around Australia. Firstly I had a clear vision of doing it. I believed I could do it, I spoke to people daily about it.

It started like, I would really like to travel around Australia, to- I think I might travel around Australia, to- were going around Australia!! And everyday forced planned and made it happen, which I’m so proud of myself today for. So me and my husband and two children travelled up the NSW coast to as far a the Dantree across to Northern Territory, then Western Australia, El Questro, then to Broome down the WA coast to the beautiful Esperance and its amazing Turquoise waters and then home to NSW. And let me tell you its not cheap to travel Australia and travelling is not away glamorous. But one of the most exciting and fantastic things I’ve ever done.

I even wrote a song about travelling before I left called “Gypsy Heart” which you can find on iTunes by Monica NORTH. Awesome song!! ha HA

-Dam I was ready!! I put myself out to the universe will everything I had and said loudly, ” I AM GOING AROUND AUSTRALIA” !!! and we did.!! IMAGE walking through the stunningly green Gorge of El Questro, Emma Gorge, I felt like I stepped back in time so untouched, such a natural wonder. I had to remind myself how lucky and blessed I was, and I believe I may have yelled out “I’M…IN… EMMA…  GORGE… WA..” To the universe of course.

I spoke loudly of my dreams and there I was surrounded by the magic, the “magic” I had sang about,  I had wished for, spoke of so many times, the ”magic” I worked towards and 100% believed could happen. So tell me what are you going to Manifest?? Lets make it happen.?? Whats Your magic??   start it today. ??

Reach for the Stars, and you will Shine

Image above: the Stunning Emma Gorge WA

Monica -Mysticbysea x