It is Magnificent, we drink it, swimming it, bathe in it, our countries are surrounded by it, it flows through our land in spectacular rivers, creeks, streams and dams. It is our life force, did you know that our bodies hold up to 60% of water, so it makes sense that, it refreshes the mind and the spirit and can wash away all the troubles, life throws at us. But I’m not sure we are all conscious of this free gift we have been given, as I myself forget how precious it is at times!!!

She walked with her head face down, clouded and confused by life’s up’s and downs, sometime’s, she felt like, she was drowning and her oxygen supply was very limited.

She had tried to keep her Enchanted spirit, her love for life, but each day, she lost a little more, of that love she wanted to share to the universe, that smile she was saving for a stranger was drifting away.

She kept walking, she was walking towards the ocean, she could smell the salt in the air, her lungs where breathing in the clean air. She could hear the sounds of the waves crashing, and an eagle was flying high above her.

She raise’s her head towards the sky. She thought, how amazing is this sea eagle, that soared through the sky, like a warrior.

She see’s the ocean and the amazing colours, the greens, the blue’s, the sunlight hitting the water sparkling, the new day was beginning.

She realises this is were, she should be, she remember’s that this is her life force, to finding herself again, in this crazy world.

She begins to run, she can see the eagle in the distance, she run’s and begins to smile, she is breathless, but free.

She walks towards the Salt water and feels the healing waves, between her toes. She floats on top of the water and looks up at the clouds, there is peace in her heart again. She feels born again.

She knows sometimes, its hard to convince herself to get here, cause life gets in the way, but when she makes the effort to find water, it makes her feel like she is home and her mind becomes a powerful place again, were anything is possible………


Written By Monica North, Mysticbysea

Image: Dress, White Bliss – By Mysticbysea, via our website.