When I was a child, I was always surrounded by the ocean and the beautiful Green escarpment that makes up the majestic North coast of Wollongong. This enchanting place is so close to my heart and growing up here has made me release, why my obsession with Green and the Ocean is just that. The lush green tropical landscapes, Textures of soft greens, limes, dark greens aqua, the way the mountain cascades gracefully and gently meets the ocean, the glistening water is so breathtaking and beautiful, it really is the peace on earth, for the mind. It goes without saying if you love something and it fills your cup and it catches your eye, you should surround yourself with it daily, any chance you get.

So plant you own organic Garden of greens, kales, mint baby spinach, parsley etc, or simply pop them in to a pot and pick as you go, for green smoothies, fresh salads. Put a plant in every room, they make you happy and produce oxygen in your home, and they look amazing if you give them love and of course water.   Do yourself a favour, get out there and be visual and explore your Green Earth that surrounds you.

  • She was still surrounded by her favourite treasures, she could smell the freshness of the clean air mixed with salt, her Green Earth. She could feel it in-between her toes, she was Grounded to the earth below. Her eyes were sparkling, she felt abundance in her mind and soul. She was in a relaxed state of consciousness . Blissfully surrounded by the richest gift mother nature, listening to all of its creatures singing. Time had stopped, she was home. She felt like she was alive again, that she was LIVING!! She felt like she was once again apart of, connected to something greater then her self. ………She was apart of our Green Earth, were she should be……

The world keeps on spinning with or without us, if your like me and Green is your thing, Don’t wait for it to come to you, make it your own, and Celebrate this path in your life. The path to your Green Earth.

Written By Monica, Mysticbysea

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