A Magical Twist

As she woke from her sleep she remembered her divine spirit that she was apart of something bigger! She felt the morning sunlight on her face, she had always though that her heart was pure, she believed in a world of light and energy. Today she thought to herself I must make a promise. To alway's shine my light! To dream my dream as loudly as I can! To tell my truth everyday. To nurture my soul and love the body I was blessed to have been given. To fill my cup with all of my favourite things! To treat my body like a temple and fuel it with the best food from the earth. Today I choose to love every cell in my body and move past any negative thoughts and beliefs I had thought about myself. 

She stretched her loved body and happy mind and thought,  I will write this down!  I will write all of my promises to myself down! so I remember how good this feels to be in this very moment. She collected her magical notebook she had chosen for this very moment. Today my spirit feels alive!  Then she began to write, she wrote every day and her life felt happier. Her goals her dreams, her worries her deepest secrets. And everyday big or small was a good because of it!

Our journey here on earth is made from all the little moments that make us stronger. We created our whimsical Mermaid Notebook for you! The believer of more...... 



Light and Light