~Beautiful, Strong, Smart who are you?

~Be the magnificent flower standing in the garden.

*In life we are the flower,  sometimes we are flourishing radiant, beautiful shimming. Sometime’s we stand so strong we can feel unstoppable. But sometime’s life gives us storm’s and our flower fall’s down, our petals fall of and we are not as strong and radiant as we once were.

~We have then choose, do we say like this forever or do I start growing again. Do I find my way back to were I am my best. Or do I let my flower, wither away, is not easy, it really is day by day.

~But if you could be a flower, what flower would you be? You need to nature and repair yourself give yourself love, don’t  be to hard on yourself and remember you can’t change other people but you can change yourself if you need to.

~You can continue to learn and grow. You can smile everyday if you choose too. You can create a wonderful life for yourself, but if you don’t feel like your the flower, you’ve have always wanted to be or dreamed of its never to late at any age.

~We are alway trying to strive for perfection, however if you look close enough there are flaws and imperfections on the most perfect looking flower.~Which is why it is so important to love your flaws, laugh at them infact, accept them. They make you who you are, sometimes who you are destined to be.

~Being a flower is not just about being radiant alone, but encouraging others to be the best flower they can be also.~Because when your flower is blooming, you need to show others how to bloom also, this will make you the best version of yourself.

~This will be the Amazing Energy of the Earth, we can’t see, but we do feel it, from time to time? some more then others. It may be the shiver you get, the hair’s on your arms, the warmth in your heart.

~ Maybe its called “Love or Light” an energy you can only feel not see.

~Why use a flower as a mediator. Because they are so magnificent  of course.

And so are you……..

Remember~ Reach for the Stars and you will shine. x

Mysticbysea x

Image: Kristy Smith